Little Green Man

LGMrLittle Green Man

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140$ + Free Shipping


Volume Knob
Gain Knob
Bass Knob
Treble Knob
Bright Diffused Green LED
Socket-ed chip for experimenting
Internal 9 Volt battery snap
9-18 volt DC capable
True Bypass

Transparent Overdrive for the discerning guitarist

The LGM can switch between 2 distortion types mean or angry. The “mean” setting uses three 4148 diode clippers setup asymmetrically and gives you a very transparent drive. The “angry” setting uses two red LEDs and sounds like a Marshall/Blues Breaker but still not overly colored. The bass knob feeds in a some bass before the clipping circuit to add low end growl and girth. This pedal is setup for the maximum amount of gain that can be achieved through the chip, a TL072 which is the same one used in the KLON Centaur.

The LGM is less fizzy and has tons of balls compared to a standard TubeScreamer. I enjoy the Timmy and other Tube screamer variants. I put all of my favorite parts and features into this little beast.

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